Leah Roe


I am a connector, a community builder, an impact maker, and a celebrator of all things and all people. My favorite word is “Amazing”, and it’s always followed by several exclamation points. Empowering people to dream bigger, get clear on what they want, and work smarter (not harder) to achieve their goals totally exhilarates me. My daily delights include lots of coffee, setting intentions, walks with Dan and Betty Pearl, writing, hosting friends for dinner, deep conversation, and a glass of good red wine.

Myers-Briggs: ENFP (Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception)

StrengthsFinder: Woo, Positivity, Communication, Maximizer, Achiever

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Dan Roe

Whether I am advising clients or partaking in my personal pursuit to build every piece of furniture in our 1920's home, I passionately believe in quality above all else. I am an efficiency guru who continuously challenges the underlying principle of everything I do, because I know there is always a better way. My quest is to make a real-world difference. I have the greatest sense of purpose when I spend time with Leah, Betty Pearl, and the strong community we have built. I can also be found on the golf course, time and weather permitting.

Myers-Briggs: ESTJ (Extraversion, Observant, Thinking, Judging)

StrengthsFinder: Woo, Analytical, Communication, Individualization, Focus

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To live will be an awfully big adventure.
— Peter Pan

We choose to see our life as one grand adventure. This excites, invigorates and humbles us. We know some of the best adventures are ones where you are forced out of your comfort zone to face & conquer your fears. For us, to have an adventure is to transform - to become a better version of yourself through growth & learning. It’s getting out of your bubble to experience the world. It’s connecting with and helping people to live better.

Having our daughter, the incredible Betty Pearl, in July of 2018 was the greatest adventure we've ever had. Days after her birth we realized the timing was perfect to embark on another adventure we had dreamed of for years - creating our business together. We knew we could continue on the paths we were on and live very nice lives. Or, we could double-down, dream bigger, take risks, get out of our comfort zones, do the things that scare us, and live our best lives. We chose the latter path.